The Japanese government has announced some significant changes to its border restrictions.

The first is to shorten the mandatory quarantine period following entry into the country to 3 days for certain vaccinated individuals not already subject to 6 or 10 day mandatory quarantine in specified facilities. The second is to permit certain (i) business visitors (on business or work visas of 3 months or less) and (ii) long-term entrants to newly enter the country. The shorter quarantine period applies to Japanese nationals, foreign national re-entrants with valid visas, business visitors on business or work visas of 3 months or less, and certain new long-term entrants deemed to require the shorter quarantine period

The changes will take effect on November 8th, and in each case, various requirements will apply, including the submission of an application, pledge and “activity plan” as part of the pre-screening process and approval from the appropriate Ministry with jurisdiction over the receiving institution. Applicants seeking the shorter quarantine period must also have been vaccinated using an approved vaccine and will be subject to pre-flight and post-arrival PCR testing, in addition to other requirements.

Details on the precise application of these requirements are scarce, so there is still uncertainty as to how they will be applied in practice. We expect the Japanese government, and its Ministries, to provide further clarification on these matters in the near future.

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