How is a gyoseishoshi lawyer different from other legal advisors?

The Japanese legal landscape can be broadly divided into:

Japanese law practictioners (gyoseishoshi lawyers, bengoshi lawyers, shihoshosi lawyers, etc.) , who are licensed to provide advice on Japanese law,


foreign law practictioners (referred to as registered foreign attorneys, “gaikokuho jimu bengoshi,” or simply, “gaiben”), who are licensed to provide advice on the laws of their home jurisdiction.

At Jackson Sogo, we practice Japanese law and are licensed to assist clients with their Japanese legal needs.

Gyoseishoshi lawyers are permitted to engage in a wide range of legal services, second only to bengoshi lawyers in overall scope. Where we cannot offer services directly, we can liaise with other legal professionals to assist as needed

Gyouseishoshi lawyers are not registered foreign attorneys (gaikokuho jimu bengoshi) and do not advise on the laws of foreign jurisdictions.