Legal Services for Businesses

Visa and Immigration Services

Advice and assistance applying for all types of work visas and dependent family visas, as well as support for applications for change of visa status and visa renewals. Other immigration-related assistance and advice. 

Employment and Labor Services

Advice and assistance in connection with the hiring and exiting of employees, including the drafting and review of employment agreements and notices of employment, termination (voluntary or involuntary) agreements and notices, and related documents.

Contract Drafting and Review

Drafting and review of all Japanese law-governed contracts and legal advice in connection with the same.

Comprehensive Corporate Legal Support

Drafting of resolutions and other corporate documents, on-going support with corporate governance, maintenance requirements and other compliance issues, outside corporate counsel support, and other advisory services.

New Company Incorporation

Advice and assistance with all aspects of incorporation of Japanese corporations (kabushiki kaisha), Japanese LLCs (godo kaisha) and Japanese LLPs (yugen sekinin jigyo kumiai), including the drafting of articles of incorporation (for corporations and LLCs) or LLP agreement  (for LLPs) and all necessary resolutions, notarization of the articles of incorporation (for corporations), arrangements for application for commercial registration through an appropriate shihoshoshi lawyer, and other set-up related assistance.

Permits and Licenses

Advice and assistance identifying and applying for permits and licenses required to do business in Japan.

Company Mergers and Spin-Offs

Advice and assistance with all aspects of the merging or spin-off of existing entities, including the drafting of merger and spin-off agreements, notice to creditors, necessary new company incorporation and transfer of title to assets.

Capital Increases and Decreases

Advice and assistance with all aspects of capital increases (new share issuances) and capital decreases, including the drafting of all necessary resolutions and notice to creditors (for capital decreases).


Advice and assistance in connection with internal legal compliance, including assessment of current practices and recommendations for compliant processes.

In-house Training

In-house and on-site training sessions for employees and staff on Japanese legal compliance.