Legal Services for Individuals

Visa and Immigration Services

Advice and assistance applying for spouse visas, work visas, permanent residence and Japanese citizenship, including applications for change of visa status and visa extensions.

Employment and Labor Services

Advice and assistance in connection with employment agreements and notices of employment, termination (voluntary or involuntary) agreements, and related documents, including reviewing and commenting to the same.


Advice and assistance in connection with international marriages in Japan. Drafting of prenuptial agreements and marital property agreements, including advice in connection with the same.


Advice and assistance in connection with divorces involving a foreign spouse in Japan and the drafting of divorce agreements (and arrange for notarization of the same, upon request).

Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning

Advice and assistance drafting wills, particularly for foreign individuals living in Japan. Advice and assistance creating trusts and other estate planning assistance.